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Every language is greater than the sum of its rules and words.
It’s another dimension with a unique rhythm, emotional state, customs and mindset. To learn a language is to enter that dimension.

The RUMI method is an interesting blend of academic programs and informal tutoring adapted for personal needs

We work with different kind of learners such as students, professors, businessmen, managers of international companies and independent artists. We always approach each person individually to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of our courses.

A person may have a very specific goal, for instance, fluency in a year – in this case we offer an intensive systematic program. For others, learning Russian is a hobby or nice activity without clear goals, where the joy of the process and relaxed atmosphere play major roles; the lessons are more like a journey to a new country.

To get started — sign up for introduction session

You will meet your teacher and discuss your goals and needs. You will also get your introductory test feedback and create a preliminary study plan

Sign up for introduction session

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Academic programs

From the beginning to proficiency step by step — speaking, reading, listening and writing. Our teachers are certified professionals who use the communicative method with different education programs and materials adapted for each individual student’s needs.

Eat the elephant in one bite:

  • Tenses
  • Russian case usage
  • Perfective and imperfective verb aspects
  • Verbs of motion
  • Impersonal constructions
  • Passive voice and much more

Informal tutoring

Language learning is like a sport where your conversational skills are like the movements of your body: they need regularity and repetition. Our tutors have various backgrounds and life experience. This allows students to develop a very specific language usage.

  • Chatting about different topics – art, social, economic, technical, historical.
  • Addressing weaknesses in language usage
  • Improving stylistic and phonetic accuracy in Russian

Normally tutors are professional teachers with various backgrounds and life experiences. This allows students to develop a very specific language usage.

How does it work


You reserve a suitable time for you


The program coordinator confirms the lesson time and clarify additional information if needed


At the arranged time your teacher calls you via Skype

Interesting means efficient

From the very beginning, it’s worth speaking about yourself, your personal interests and the real events of your life. You can even do it in the first or second lesson. When language reflects reality, it creates a true means of communication.

More about the programs

Education timeline

We regularly meet people, whose interests lie among certain needs:

  • Exchange programs with Russian Universities
  • Russian language for traveling
  • Hobby – “European languages are too ordinary, and Asian Languages are too esoteric, so Russian captures the best of both worlds”
  • Russian for science or other specialized applications.
  • Business communication. Leading negotiations, business correspondence, making presentations.
Introduction session

You will meet your teacher and discuss your goals and needs. You will also get your introductory test feedback and create a preliminary study plan.

A1. Lesson 3

You will be able to say the first things about yourself — who you are, what do you do, where you live, what you are interested in etc.

A1+. Lesson 20

You will be able to interact in a simple way with another person, talking slowly and clearly — introduce other people, ask or answer basic questions about your personal life and those of others.

A2. Lesson 50

You will be able to communicate about routine things making a small talk or describing in simple terms another person’s lifestyle as well as urgent matters.

B1. Lesson 80

You will be able to deal with most situations likely to arise while travelling in an area where the language is spoken. This knowledge will let you produce simple texts on familiar topics or of personal interest, describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes and ambitions and briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and views.


Open communication about the general aspects of mankind.

Upon completing the course you will receive a certificate

We may discuss your needs by phone

A school representative will get in touch with you during the day to answer your questions or to help you arrange a proper program to meet your needs.